Peak Reading Wattmeter Board
Convert your Bird or other average reading 30ua meter movement wattmeter to peak reading, by installing the PR-80M peak reading board.**(see note)
The board is designed to be installed inside the wattmeter case, right on the meter studs, or you can install it in a small enclosure. Just add a DPDT switch (not supplied) to allow switching between peak and average reading!
(holes are in the board for Pk /Av switch)
The PR-80M brings the parts and PC board together, so you don't have to spend the time. The PR-80M comes to you assembled and tested, ready to go! For other wattmeters, instructions are included to assist you in selecting component values. PR-80M: $40ea
$7.00 for Insured priority mail shipping. (US)
" The Peak Wattmeter Board That Really Works ! "
If you don't have a Mini DPDT switch handy, we can supply that as well. The PR-80MS includes a quality switch, wired with 3" leads to the board, and 6 inch power leads. As close to plug and play as it gets! PR-80MS: $50ea
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